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2021 – Engineers Horizon

What’s in your upcoming neighborhood


Buying a home for your loved ones is one of those life accomplishments that top’s in everyone’s bucket list. Whether you want a sprawling suburban home or a compact apartment in the center of the city, most of us wish for a home that compliments our needs and style. However, searching homes with different considerations for the foreseeable future may take time, but don’t be afraid to be picky. Half of your work is done if you have decided on the location. Engineers Horizon, one of the most reputed builders of Pune, has developed two projects, iOS in Tathawade and Bonheur in Wakad. 

Bonheur in Wakad 

Bonheur in Wakad was launched in March 2021, and its possession date is by March 2023. Spread over 0.96 acres, Bonheur is located near Hinjewadi IT park  comprising 2 and 3 BHKs. Most of Pune’s finest schools are located within 10 minutes travel distance from Bonheur. It has excellent connectivity with the Mumbai-Pune expressway and other important city locations like Aundh, Baner, pashan, Shivajinagar, and more. One has not to worry about traveling far for daily needs as retail stores, hospitals, and restaurants are nearby to the property. If you want to buy a home from an investment perspective, a flat in Bonheur would be an excellent option to enjoy lucrative returns. Equipped with modern amenities and conveniences, Bonheur offers a plethora of features in an affordable range. Check out 3 BHK flats at Bonheur Wakad if you want your dream home here. You can get the true essence of urban living in a locality set in the lap of nature yet not far away from city hustle-bustle.  

What is upcoming in the Wakad neighborhood?

Apart from reputed schools, colleges, popular eateries, shopping malls, and retail stores, its easy connectivity with well-structured roads enhanced the commute to a hassle-free one. Moreover, with an increasing number of families and working professionals, Wakad is witnessing a rise in new facilities like the upcoming metro project, which is within walking distance from Bonheur.

iOS in Tathawade 

Launched in January 2021, the possession date is by January 2023. Spread across 0.98 acres, the project comprises 1 and 2 BHKs. The property has 120 units and is located in Jeevan Nagar. The project is equipped with a wide range of modern amenities; the project also features eco-friendly amenities like rainwater harvesting, solid waste management, and disposal and stormwater drains. Apart from multiple amenities, the project features 4- tier security. Moreover, it is well-connected to other parts of the city by roads and is close to reputed schools, hospitals, restaurants, and malls and marts. 

What is upcoming in the Tathawade neighborhood?

iOS enjoys easy accessibility to the nearest Akurdi railway station, which is  linked to the main Pune railway junction. Moreover, Tathawade is located near the prime employment hub of Hinjewadi, which hosts multiple business parks, industrial units, and tech zones. It also shares good connectivity to the MIDC industrial zone of Pimpri- Chinchwad. So, if you have zeroed on Tathawade as your dream home destination, explore iOS, which enjoys the excellent social and civil infrastructure of Tathawade.

Summing up 

If you want to get the most out of your dream home, focus on essential features for you and your loved ones. Choices may vary from person to person, making your living experience the happiest in your dream home. 

Make Home Investment your New year resolution

As we move into 2022, some good reasons to start investing this year. Investment is a powerful tool to build wealth. The more you start early, the more you will get the benefit of investing. If you plan to invest, then here is the round-up of the best advice to make progress in the coming year. Prior to investing, knock out the debt and check your savings before investing. Invest intentionally, like if you are planning for a business, then raise funds and if you are planning to invest in the home, then estimate the amount needed for a down payment. 

When your new year resolution is home buying 

It is not enough to set a new year resolution for home buying, but it should be followed by a workable plan to achieve the goal. Proper knowledge, planning, and strategies are required to make the resolution accurate. The best way to begin the process is to do research:

Check out reputed builders, their projects. Explore the locality of the project. As digitization is very much in the real estate process, check brochures, watch product videos online.

Visit the product’s website to get detailed information on the configuration, floor plan, amenities, and conveniences they are offering.

You can do the preliminary investigation from the comfort of your home.

Benefits of investing in real estate

Property tax is at an all-time low, and national, and state governments have issued plenty of tax benefits. RBI has reduced Repo rates. Home loan interest rates are all-time low. The Maharashtra government has lowered the stamp duty from 5% to 2%. For women home buyers, there are added advantages of tax benefits. If home buying is on your resolution list, it is the right time to enact it.

Few more tips to make the investment successful

1.Keep initial down payment as low as possible. Make your loan tenure short.

Cancel credit cards if you have any. 

  1. Take insurance to keep yourself financially on the safe side. 
  2. Take into consideration taxes, bills, renovations before making the final decision.
  3. Explore the property thoroughly before investing.


We hope these tips will help you make your new year resolution of buying a home a successful endeavor. If you are looking for property in Wakad, do not look further than Bonheur in Wakad. Engineers Horizon developed the property.  Known for offering innovative projects, their latest offering Bonheur in Wakad is no different. Set in the lovely green backdrop of Wakad, Bonheur offers easy access to a number of important destinations like the upcoming metro station, and Hinjewadi IT hub. These investment-worthy 2 BHK apartments for sale in Wakad available are worth exploring. 

Come to Bonheur Wakad, make your dream home come true this year.

The Must-Have Amenities when Buying Home

Buying a home is a lifetime decision and also an important financial one. The home buying process involves money, research, and a lot of paperwork, and amidst all these, we skip some of the important factors which can affect our future in the long run. Here are 10 must-have amenities you should check out when buying a home.


Choose the right location for your home. If you have to choose between a good location with features not matching your needs and a bad location with all the amenities you are looking for, select the former. You can change features or add amenities in a good location, but a bad location can not be changed.

Type of home you want

Before purchasing a home, you should explore the types of homes. 2 BHK will do for a small family, but for a big family, you might need 3 BHK or 4 BHK. People also search for homes that can accommodate a definite addition to the family in the future. Nowadays, builders are offering 1.5 or 2.5 BHK homes,  an additional option of half -bedrooms which sums up to be an extra room in the project. 

Home amenities and features

Homebuyers have different preferences regarding features and amenities. Some may want a certain kitchen, master bedroom, or bathroom features. Some may wish their kitchen counters in marble or ceramic with farm-style, dual or triple sink. Look for homes where you can get your choices or options to alter according to your need.  

Finishes and materials

Once you know your budget or price range, look for finishes and fixtures you will get at that price point. For example, less expensive homes will have vinyl flooring or plastic laminate counters in the kitchen or baths,  but for higher-end homes, the flooring would be more resilient, made of tiles or wood, and solid surfacing in kitchens. Check out the features you will get that fit your budget.

Power Backup 

Check out whether the residential project you are zeroing in to buy an apartment has power back up or not. 24/7 power backup is a must for a peaceful life.


Check out the parking facilities of the residential project. A spacious parking lot and a separate parking area for visitors because parking issues are major in housing localities.

Security System

You need to check out the security system of the property. Reputed builders provide a 3- tier security system including CCTV, video door phones, and swipe card access. 

Senior citizen park

Consider properties that provide you with a comfortable living space and have open spaces. Open spaces contribute to a healthy lifestyle and provide a space for social interaction or recreational activities. Elders of the family can also take a walk or enjoy the serenity of nature.

On-site maintenance

Not only amenities and exteriors of a house matter when buying a home. You should consider on-site maintenance to keep your life functioning smoothly.

Proximity area

Before finalizing your choice on a certain apartment, check out its proximity to schools, colleges, institutes, hospitals, and shopping areas.

Eco-friendly amenities

Along with recreational amenities, check on eco-friendly amenities like rainwater harvesting, solar water heaters, green plantations, wastewater management systems that fulfill your requirements without leaving a carbon footprint.


Talking about all the necessary amenities to look out for in your new home, you can check Engineers Horizon amenities. Well, reputed developers of Pune, Engineers Horizon, introduced two prestigious projects in Tathawade and Wakad. In iOS Tathawade and Bonheur in Wakad, you can find all the features and necessities you look for in a new home. 

How is Digitization of Real Estate Industry Making Home Buying Easy?

Digitization has transformed the core of many industries, including the Real estate industry. Along with other industries Real estate industry too has adopted digital technology for its operational activities. They took the digital leap to make a convenient home buying process during the pandemic. They have moved from conventional methods to digital tools for the smooth operation of buying and selling properties and other conveniences. Although customers would always prefer to decide after visiting the site, the preliminary research about the property can be done in the comfort of the home itself. Basic information about the property can be collected by visiting the website of the project that not only saves time but also can decide whether to move ahead with their decision or not. 

Let’s take a look at how digitization has streamlined real estate operations.

Buy and search 

To begin with, consumers prefer to pre-research online about the product before buying. The same thing happens when purchasing a home. They visit the website of the project first to ensure their requirements match with the offerings or not. Then, they check on the reviews about the project and also value the testimonials.

Digital documentation

Documentation processes have become a lot easier, and one has not to wait for long for a rental or purchase agreement. In addition, there are no more human errors due to the application of automated software and tool providing buying or lease agreements. 

Augmented reality and virtual reality

With the advent of augmented reality, a potential buyer can tour the property without visiting the site and inspect it in detail. Availability of virtual 360-degree tours can be taken any time of the day from anywhere to experience the final product. AI-powered digitization helps filter the target audience by analyzing data.AI algorithm helps to find data relating to real estate market trends and improve business areas. 

Chatbots and Social Media

Chatbots respond to customer queries and render services 24/7 by answering their questions. After visiting the website, a customer can leave a message or talk directly to customer support services anytime and from anywhere. Also, the property gets broad exposure via social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. The customer base amplifies with this mass exposure. 

Genuine information 

Digitization enabled homebuyers to visit websites of the properties they prefer and get access to information they are searching for and no more waiting for the salesperson to respond. In addition, they can get updates about construction stages, Google reviews, information on RERA number, floor plans, amenities r and general questions in the FAQ section. 


Although start-ups have driven digitization in real estate, big players followed suit due to its multiple benefits. A potential homebuyer can search for real estate online, visit the property virtually, and manage the documentation process digitally by sitting far away from the site. For example, if you are looking for 3 bhk flats in Tathawade, visit iOS in Tathawade, developed by Engineers Horizon. And you know you can do this by visiting their website right now.

3 Things People Feel When They See Your Real Estate Website

Published By Admin on 19-11-2021

In the past few years, the real estate industry witnessed stiff competition due to the emergence of new technologies. To deliver better services and better reach to their customers, Real estate builders like Tulip group in Punawale are transforming their business strategies. The group has launched 3 BHK projects in Wakad offering homes equipped with best-in-class amenities. Creating profiles on Real estate listing websites and marketplaces alone is not enough

Millennials prefer realtors who have their websites as they search online for their real estate requirements. In this digital world, they prefer builders and developers to have an online presence. A website makes a realtor more credible in the market. Moreover, a credible website cuts down marketing costs and can provide better customer service. However, keeping a website is not enough. It is needed to be updated regularly with a detailed description of the services.

Property description

Apart from viewing listings on the website, a potential buyer wants to know everything. From nearby schools, hospitals, grocery stores to traffic patterns, they do research. Detailed description, proves your value before you even get a chance to work with them. A detailed description includes an effective headline that targets the right audience. Vague headlines with a lot of false positives push away potential buyers. Buyers prefer property descriptions that are narrative and focus on the emotions that the property and its amenities evoke

Map information

Potential buyers in India search for “convenience” features like walking to the workplace, or proximity to basic amenities like schools, hospitals, and nearby grocery stores. For some, public transport defines convenience. Keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the customers, technically tweaked  customized Google  maps, make the website more relevant as it contains extra pins and information on the surroundings

Quality images 

High-quality images engage viewers on the website and get them to spend more time on the website. High-quality images improve conversion rates and reduce bounce rates. It allows you to communicate with customers improving customer-business relationships thereby conversions. A buyer recognizes you with clear logos and other images used on the website.


Apart from all these features, a buyer wants correct contact information and working email forms. Working emails ensure no missed leads. Apart from email forms, phone numbers should be there and they should be placed on the top right corner of the website. Also, updated testimonials of the clients give a website a better look. SEO and the content on the website also matter as these benefit your online real estate dealings.

Transforming Your Home Through Technology

Modern technology has revolutionized our world and daily lives. Modern technology is transforming all spheres of our lives including the construction sector. Futuristic, life-saving, and exciting innovations not only help in constructing complex buildings but also reduce the time of completion with a reduced carbon footprint. With modern technology, the real estate sector too is getting benefited in terms of efficiency and decision-making process. Nowadays, the luxury real estate market is all about the latest smart technology and the latest engineering concepts for maximum end-user comfort.

Engineers Horizon, renowned developers in Pune adopted emerging trends in technologies in construction enhancing the lives of the residents. Here are a few innovative trends they have adopted reflecting a high standard of living. 

Smart Building Technology– 

Interconnected homes controlled by remote enhance the lives of residents including security. Cutting-edge solutions like the power of IoT, Artificial intelligence, smart meters add high functionality at every minute stage. Well-informed and well-traveled customers too prefer smartly connected and comfortable homes enabled by these technologies. Engineers Horizon’s recent launch Bonheur in Wakad offers state-of-the-art smart home experiences with a multi-function electronic intercom security system and video door phone at the main door. 

Health and Wellbeing Amenities- 

Health and well-being amenities are playing a crucial role in modern lifestyle. Amenities like open door gyms, swimming pools, oxygen-giving plants, landscaped open spaces are the most requested amenities among millennial homebuyers. Bonheur homes in Wakad are not only bestowed with 24-hour oxygen-giving plantations and plentiful trees but also homes are well-ventilated and well-lit warding off negative health- effects. Strategic natural lighting brightens up the space bringing joy and tranquility. Gyms, pools, and open spaces create sanctuaries to pursue a passion.  All under one roof.

Safety & Security- 

Gone are the days where security grills over the windows or front door ruined the aesthetics. Homes in Bonheur are not only equipped with top-notch amenities, features, and facilities but also equipped with high-end security features. A true depiction of luxury homes here is provided with video door monitoring, fire detection control, CCTVs, electronic monitoring, and surveillance. These plush homes come with seismic-resistant building designs, 100 % power backups for common utilities, and concierge services. 

 RCC frame Construction- 

You don’t want to put your loved ones’ lives by staying in homes made of poor quality. RCC framed structures of the Bonheur in Wakad assuring you of the safety you deserve. The technique enables the load to be on the columns and beams of the building that transfer the entire load onto the soil adding better strength to the building. 


Buying a home in the desired locality loaded with amenities is a huge feat. If you are looking for homes in Wakad, near Hinjewadi IT Park and the upcoming metro station, then explore Bonheur  Wakad review and make your search easy in finding the right home for your loved ones. Its new 3 BHK Tower launch promises a sustainable lifestyle amidst the tranquility of nature. Get your desired home with us.


Tax Saving Options For Home Buyers

Buying a home is a big decision and it depends on many factors including price, location, and resale value. 

Income -tax benefits for first time home buyers : For first-time homebuyers, income tax benefits can be availed under three sections including Section 80 C, Section 24, and Section 80 EEA of the income tax act. Under these three sections, you can avail home loan benefit of 5 lakhs annually.

Income -tax benefits for second-time home buyers : If you are a second-time home buyer, and already own a property then tax benefits under section 80 EEA cannot be claimed. Under section 80C Rs 95,000 can be claimed along with  Rs 55,000 against stamp duty paid in the first year and Rs 2,00,000 under section 24. 

Exemption on the  principal: Against the repayment of the principal amount, a homebuyer can claim up to 1.5 lakhs as tax deduction under Section 80 C. However, the property must have been under the possession of the owner for at least 5 years. If the sale procedure takes place within 5 years of its possession then the deduction claimed will be included back in the taxable income. 

No specific benefits for women investors: A woman can claim the benefits of income tax exemptions similar to a man under the above-mentioned law. In some states, a women investor has the benefit of 1%-2%on stamp duty. 

Tax- benefits on joint purchase : If husband and wife purchase the property jointly, then both can claim tax benefits in their individual files. However, actual deduction benefits cannot surpass the actual amount paid.

Exemption on Interests : According to Section 24 of the IT Act, a homebuyer can claim a tax benefit of up to Rs 2 lakhs against the interest paid towards the home loan. 

Exemption on stamp duty : According to Section C of the IT Act, a home buyer can claim deductions against legal charges on stamp duty and registration. However, construction of the property should be complete and the purchase is done for self-use.

Subsidized GST rates : The government of India is offering subsidized GST rates to investors from Low Income Group ( LIG), Middle Income Group ( MIG), and economically weaker sections. Also, homebuyers are liable to get an interest subsidy through the Credit- Linked Subsidy scheme. 

Budget 2019 Updates : A home buyer is eligible for tax exemption under Section 54 of the IT Act if they sell one property and the capital gain is invested in buying another property. However, the capital gain should be up to 2 crores and once in a lifetime.

Summary : Are you a first-time homebuyer or buying for the second time? If you want tax benefits there is tax sop for both first-time and second-time home buyers. Owning a home is a priceless achievement. If you are looking to invest in real estate then check out Bonheur in Wakad by Engineers Horizon. Equipped with amenities and conveniences, homes in Bonheur are worth investing in. 

Engineers Horizon: Top Builder in Pune, Offering New Projects in Wakad / Tathawade

Engineers Horizon is one of the top builders in Pune. Previously known as the Linux group, Engineers Horizon has gained a reputation for building affordable homes incorporated with sustainable features that not only reduce the cost of construction maintenance but also empower residents to connect with outer resources and technologies. Known for delivering quality products and workmanship, they are acclaimed for their transparency in all spheres of business conduct. With their customer-centric approach and robust engineering, they have launched one new project in Wakad and another new project in Tathawade.

iOS in Tathawade

iOS homes are much more than a mere investment. 1,2 and 3 BHK homes here speak of optimized spaces where every inch is created for ideal hassle-free life. Well, thought amenities not only enhancing the desirability of iOS but also contribute to the pleasure and comfort of its residents. Homes here are not just a place to arrive after work but a space where one can experience comfort living with changing times. iOS usher you to a world of joyful living in safe and secured homes with power backup for each apartment and common utilities. Spread across vast acres, it boasts landscaped open spaces, a gymnasium, and many more eco-luxurious amenities. Nestled in the green serene environment of Tathawade, iOS give reasons to smile with the hassle-free commute to landmarks of the city via well-connected roads and nearby bus transits

Bonheur in Wakad 

Engineers Horizon has rolled out Bonheur in Wakad, where amenities and designs lead you to a world of comfortable living. Located in the heart of Wakad, all needs and necessities are in 2 minutes walk around. Bonheur is surrounded by reputed education institutes such as Edify INT school, Indus Business school, and Mercedes Benz school. Not only education hubs, but Bonheur also gives the luxury of healthcare centers restaurants, shopping malls, and the most important the proximity to Hinjewadi IT park.

If you are looking for investing in Wakad or Tathawade, cash into the best properties with a good scope of value appreciation shortly. Rest assured of the probability of long-term gains as both the properties are set in a prime location of Wakad and Tathawade surrounded by developed social infrastructure and several industries and IT developments

Diwali Is The Best Time To Buy A Property

Are you planning to buy a home this festive season? Then loosen your purse string, Diwali is around the corner. The festival is considered an auspicious occasion for real estate investment. Celebrated over five days the festival of light symbolizes the victory of light over darkness. The first day begins with Dhanteras followed by Narak Chaturdashi, Diwali, Govardhan puja, and ending with Bhai Dooj. On this auspicious occasion, many builders and developers roll out new projects or offer the privilege of discounts and freebies. If you are taking the plunge then it is the right time. The good news is that Engineers Horizon has come up with amazing residential projects in the best locations of Pune, which would convince you to invest in.

Why Engineers Horizon : Engineers Horizon is known for delivering best-in-the-industry quality and on-time. Formerly known as the Linux group, Engineers Horizon started its journey a decade ago and set the pace for the future with better and smarter designs. Carrying the legacy of innovation and well-thought-out quality, they are bringing smiles to individuals, families, and communities.  The well-tuned team of planners, architects, and designers of Engineers Horizon culminate beautiful projects which are investment-worthy. Their projects like Bonheur in Wakad and iOS in Tathawade have attracted the buyer’s attention for their innovative designs, construction quality, and amenities. 

Bonheur in Wakad : Strategically located in Wakad, Bonheur features homes in configurations 1, 2, and 3 BHKs. Spread over a sprawling area of 1 acre, the project features aesthetically designed landscaped gardens. Bonheur offers happiness in the true sense with its convenience and comforts needed for modern living. Upcoming metro station, reputed schools, medical care system, malls all within 10 minutes walk. Its recent launch of a new tower of 3 BHK in Bonheur Wakad reflects the philosophy of better designs and superior quality. This Diwali, if you want to coexist with nature and want to feel proud of your living space Bonheur is stealing the deal with flats for sale in Wakad

iOS in Tathawade : Nestled in Tathawade’s spellbinding landscape, iOS has a multitude of amenities including 3- tier security. The project is well-connected to the landmarks of the city via roads. Prominent schools, malls, and medical facilities are available in close vicinity. Flats in iOS boast optimized spaces loaded with the best of facilities and amenities.  Make this Diwali more sparkling within homes where comfort, connectivity, and convenience are all under one roof.  Get ready to seize the right moment to buy a dream home this Diwali as iOS flats are for sale in Tathawade

Summary : Give one more reason to cheer on this festive season in homes perfect for your family. Residential projects like Bonheur in Wakad or the iOS in Tathawade come with many great benefits. This Diwali find the perfect apartment for your family.  Gift happiness and contentment to your loved ones and move into your dream home soon. 

Be a part of higher living in iOS’s 2.5 BHK Homes in Tathawade

Whether it is Diwali or Dussehra, we love playing the host in a well-oriented home. If you are moving into a new home and the festive season is right around the corner, then it becomes more challenging to decorate a home reflecting your style. Here are 5 simple ways to make our apartment ready for this festive season. 

Invite positive vibes with de-cluttering

 The first step towards making a home a festive ready is cleaning. Invite positive vibes into homes, especially during the festive season by decluttering spaces. It is believed, to get rid of the negativity, remove objects which are no longer in use. Make space for positive energy and welcome the charm of festivities in sparkling clean indoors and outdoors.

Happiness and togetherness in a festive ambiance

Play with the lightings to get the right balance of sparkle and brightness. Bring the best fruitful vibes into your house with classic clay diyas or LED lights. Brighten the dark corners with a glass lantern or vase. Wrap the balcony with fairy lights or flashlights. You can give a personal touch to the decor look with a festive nightlight as well.

Fresh flowers for refreshing indoors

Marigold is a crucial part of Dussehra decorations. Brighten up your indoors and entrance with rangolis in marigold petals or make it a part of toran to make your guest feel welcomed when they are entering your home. Create a joyful experience with smiling guests in a welcoming ambiance.

The green ambiance around home  Make eco-sensitive choices this festive season with paper garlands and swirls for decoration. Brighten up homes with smart LED fairy lights. Make floral centerpieces with flowers in water bowls made of clear glass or terracotta to beautify the home decor. You can make your home looking better and lasting longer with these eco-friendly DIYs.

Enhance spiritual quotient with fragrance 

Celebrate the victory of good over evil with delightful fragrances. A good air freshener for instant freshness or potpourri for a steady, sweet smell in the air soothes the senses and helps concentrate during puja rituals. Delightful fragrance enhances spiritual calmness and helps to invoke Almighty.


Dussehra is considered an auspicious day to invest in a new project or owning a house. It is believed, wealth and happiness grow if new projects are started on this day or new investments are made. Engineers Horizon launched iOS in Tathawade and Bonheur in  Wakad that aims for nothing less than absolute satisfaction. If you are looking for a new home, where you would like to celebrate     Dussehra then explore 1,2,3 BHK apartment sales in Tathawade in iOS. Start your exciting journey on the eve of the pious festival of Dussehra.

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