Benefits of investing in 3 BHK flats for sale

According to a Real Estate State Data Analytics report, the sale of 3 BHK housing increased significantly, primarily due to the pandemic. People are looking for larger units as corporations continue to follow the work from home model driven by state and central government recommendations. The trend of buying 3 BHK units will continue as the complete vaccination drive is still some time away and high covid infection rate due to the new variant omicron. Keep reading if you are looking for the best 3 BHK flats for sale in Wakad

Three main benefits of buying 3 BHK homes- Buying a home is a significant investment. Investing in 3 BHK will be helpful as it will serve family needs even after 5-10 years down the line. A 3 BHK flat will meet the space requirement even when the family grows. Hence looking for 3 BHK makes sense. Engineers Horizon, a reputed builder in Pune, has launched Bonheur in Wakad, comprising 3 BHK flats and 1 and 2 BHK. The project is under construction, and RERA approved.

Spacious 3 BHK apartments in Bonheur- Carpet area around 900-1000 sq ft, 3 Bhk flats in Bonheur is suitable for a small family because it gives extra space to use as per requirement. One can use the extra space as a kid’s room or guest room or turn it into an office set up for a work from home model. Also, the project is close to job avenues like the Hinjewadi IT hub. The upcoming metro project is within walking distance. Also, it is close to Wakad Flyover and Mumbai -Pune expressway. It is surrounded by many reputed schools, colleges, and hospitals. One can have easy access to daily essentials.

Competitive pricing –When we compare the price of 2 BHK and 3 BHK, the difference is not huge. Moreover, these flats will have a host of amenities, just like in 3 BHK flats in Bonheur. Apart from providing optimized space, these flats will give you sound security to your loved ones, as these homes feature multi-functional electronic intercom systems, video door phones, and CCTV for common areas.  

Conclusion- 3 BHK apartments in Bonheur offer world-class amenities such as an exclusive clubhouse for residents, landscaped gardens, jogging tracks, to name a few. From sound security to eco-friendly amenities, Bonheur has it all. Residents can enjoy spacious living spaces, balconies in Bonheur. The search for 3 BHK flats spiraled up, indicating that people desire to move into larger units to fulfill their changing needs in a post-pandemic world.

Why is it important to have a spacious home for a healthy lifestyle?

Imagine a home where there is ample natural light and playful wind swishing in and out! Just perfect for ideal healthy living. Engineers Horizon, renowned developers in Pune, has designed a luxurious property in Wakad named “Bonheur,” characterized by high ceilings, vast open spaces, and spacious and airy living spaces promising peaceful and positive lifestyles. The property is at the prime location of  Wakad and is well-connected to the rest of the city via public transport. 

Advantages of living in spacious and airy homes :

Innovatively designed spacious homes in Bonheur offer you the freshness and charm of open-air living. Wide windows and unrestricted views add positive vibes to your daily life. Natural light and playful wind enhance the ventilation of the rooms.

Space for everyone:

Bonheur offers 1,2 and 3 BHK homes that are spacious by carpet area and promote optimization of every square foot of the space. Not a single corner is wasted. Its 3 BHK homes offer space that can be utilized as a guest room or kids’ room.

Maximum utilization of spaces:

Due to maximum utilization of spaces, one can have ample space to rewind, rejuvenate and create ample space for storage. One can enhance the visual aesthetics of the space with minimum clutter and maximum utilization of the living space.

Amenities :

Not only space that is maximized to give you the privilege of spacious living but also the modern amenities like features 3 tier security , thus giving ample security to your loved ones. Landscaped open spaces, party areas, children’s play areas enhance the living experience. Moreover, each apartment is equipped with video door phones , apart from CCTV in common areas for extra security.Branded lifts, cent percent power backups for common areas making this project unique in itself.

Bonheur redefining luxury:

Bonheur in Wakad is an embodiment of calm and peace. Having a home office is the most thoughtful gift one can have when the pandemic is still expanding its fang in the form of Omicron. Spacious rooms give you the advantage of creating thoughtful kids’ rooms for the Lil munchkins. A well-functioning gym gives you the luxury of not stepping out of the house during rainy seasons for regular workouts. Instead, you can have it at your doorstep. Moreover, the connectivity and the presence of developed social infrastructure around the property give you the benefit of easy accessibility of the daily essentials. Reputed schools, colleges, hospitals are the added advantage of the location. 


If you are searching for a peaceful neighborhood, explore Bonheur, wherein spacious flats for sale in Wakad are available. Gift yourself the luxury of peace and calm this coming year!.

What to choose? Dreamhouse or investment asset

The idea of buying a home gives us a satisfying feeling of security, a sense of pride, and all sorts of overwhelming emotions. However, buying a home is not an easy feat. One has to push limits to buy a dream home. The pandemic situation and a string of lockdowns made people realize they needed a space to call their own. Apart from giving one the feeling of security, owning a home provides peace of mind and pride of ownership. Buying a dream home becomes more tangible, and doubles up as a good investment opportunity. 

Price appreciation: Infrastructure development plays a significant role in the price appreciation of a property. For instance, any new connectivity or development of transit hubs, social infrastructures like schools or colleges enhance the property value. For example, Bonheur in Wakad is close to the Mumbai- Pune expressway and at walking distance from the upcoming Pune metro project. Therefore, the value of the project is enhanced as the developing infrastructure will attract more population.

Home loan benefits: Repo Rates have been reduced considerably in the current fiscal year, resulting in plummeting home loan interests. A few years back, home loan interest was around 8-9 % which is now 7%. Hence, it is the right time to invest in a dream home.

Tax benefits: Owning a dream home can fetch tax deductions up to 2 lakhs. Under section 24 of the IT Act, buying ready-to-move-in flats, one can benefit from a tax deduction of up to 2 lakhs.

Real estate investment most stable investment: Buying a home is considered one of the most stable investments. Sooner or later, one can get a high appreciation value for the property and become a passive source of income in the form of rentals. 

Lucrative offers and deals: Ongoing pandemics and market volatility led real estate developers to offer lucrative deals and discounts on their ongoing projects. It would be an ideal situation to buy a dream home at this time. 

Conclusion: If you want a dream home, explore 1, 2, 3 BHK flats for sale in Wakad. Engineers Horizon, one of the leading developers in Pune, unveiled a premium property in Wakad named Bonheur. The project offers 1,2, and 3 BHKs which are up for sale. Spread across sprawling acres, Bonheur is the epitome of luxury, convenience, and comfort. From top-end amenities to 3-tier security, Bonheur features quintessential facilities that can’t be ignored. 

Know how Virtual Reality will revolutionize home sales!

Know how Virtual Reality will revolutionize home sales!

Real estate moves with time and adopts processes that help to grow the industry further. However, the adoption of virtual reality slightly lagged, but those who rapidly adopted the technology enabled themselves  to increase sales efficiency and  to see more potential buyers. From guided virtual visits, interactive virtual visits to virtual commerce, virtual reality heightened the real estate experiences.

Guided virtual visits 

Promotional videos work wonders for existing properties. Even for projects under construction, a real estate agent can show the finished version of the project through virtual reality.

Interactive virtual visits

In these virtual visits, the experience can be made interactive through movement determined by the user. Created with hotspots, these interactive experiences are more like a game than a video. You do the virtual walkthrough of the property by keeping your sight on the hot spot. 

Virtual commerce

This step is after an interactive virtual visit wherein you can make custom changes to the home. 

How virtual reality can increase home sales

A prospective home buyer visits several properties before settling on the final one. The process takes a lot more time than it sounds. Property visits become time-consuming and expensive if the property is far from where the client lives. But with VR technology, the client can put the VR headset on and can experience immersive and three-dimensional walkthroughs of the property. In a matter of minutes, he can visit several properties from the comfort of home. If the property already exists, he needs a panoramic camera to capture 360-degree video. If the property is vacant with no furnishing, virtual staging helps realtors to showcase staged properties with very little investment. Architectural visualization allows realtors to create large showrooms with a full-scale apartments model.


Future of virtual reality in the real estate industry

Virtual reality may be considered a disruptive technology, but there may come a time when prospective buyers would prefer to take the virtual tour from the comfort of home. Along with open houses, buyers would like to get the minute details and information about the property through virtual tours and interactive virtual hotspots and more. 


VirtualReality has revolutionized real estate significantly! Whether in Pune or Hong Kong, you can experience the property with VR technology. Of course, it would help if you have  a VR headset to feel how the space flows and the rooms link together. You can explore all the decorative details, ceiling heights, and size of the rooms with this technology. If you are looking for a property in the Pune suburbs, there are plenty of options. Many developers like Engineers Horizon provide a virtual tour of their  property named iOS Tathawade. If you want a home in Tathawade, then experience the property through a guided virtual tour.