When we buy a house, we tend to focus on location, layout, floor plans, and architecture, but we often miss out on the property’s safety features. Safety features are important aspects of a residential property. It is important to know the safety aspects of the building where we invest our lives and the safety of our loved ones. Here are 7 safety features you need to check when buying a home.

  • Earthquake resistant

We should verify whether the house we are buying or living in can withstand natural calamities like earthquakes. We should make sure developers have used quality construction materials or not, and whether the buildings can withstand seismic events or not. 

  • Fire safety

A society must have fire safety equipment like smoke detectors, fire hydrants, and fire extinguishers. Each floor of the building must have fire safety equipment installed, and regular fire safety drills should be conducted to keep the residents prepared in case of fire breakouts.

  • Emergency numbers

Emergency numbers in a housing society are a must to dial up during mishaps. In addition, residents must have access to a number of women and child helplines, lift services, fire department, and ambulance services.

  • Lift safety

Lifts in multi-storey buildings should be equipped with emergency devices and alarms to come out of the lift in case of a technical glitch.

  • Kids safety

There should be ample security for kids, and they should be supervised in risk-prone areas like swimming pools, rooftops, and play areas. 

  • Security guards 

A high-rise building must have 4 -tier security services, from CCTV in common areas to security guards at the main entryway. Security guards take note of the visitors and ensure intruders do not access the society. In addition, there should be intercom facilities in each flat to inform the residents about the guest.

  • Visitors book

Apart from installing CCTVs in common areas, all activities should be closely monitored by manually documenting them in visitors’ books. A visitor’s entry and exit time should be noted to keep track of the activities.

Engineers Horizon, a leading developer in Pune, has launched premium residential projects in Tathawade and Wakad, implementing all safety features to safeguard its residents. iOS in Tathawade and Bonheur in Wakad, both the projects are equipped with safety features like DG backup, RCC structure with ACC block internal and external wall with plaster, CCTV in common areas, fire extinguisher equipment, earth leakage circuit breaker, and multi-functional intercom facilities to safeguard the residents. 

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