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Real Estate – Engineers Horizon
5 classy door designs for the entryway can create a more inviting atmosphere for your home space

5 Classy Door Designs For The Entryway Can Create A More Inviting Atmosphere For Your Home Space

The front door or the main entrance creates a stunning first impression for any guest that arrives in your place. Hence, designing our house’s front door is important when buying a new home or while renovating the house. A perfectly designed main entrance can enhance the value of a home besides adding interest to the entryway. A classy front door creates a more inviting atmosphere for your home space. Here are five main door designs that can enhance your style quotient.

Two-colored entrance door 

Make the right impression of your home with contemporary shades. The color should be cheerful and welcoming. The right color for the right reason can boost home value. Shades of brown color are eternal and timeless. Jazz up your front door with light and dark shades of brown. If you want to sync your entryway with the surrounding foliage, then shades of blue and green should be the top priority. Black-colored doors can make a fantastic style statement and add punch to your main door experiment.

Modern-style wooden door designs 

You can transform the look of your main door in the blink of an eye with grid design wooden doors. Making the entryway more contemporary, liquid gunmetal finished door skin is the perfect solution. For a bolder look, floral design brass door skin is absolutely stunning, or you can switch from traditional overused designs to neat geometric designs. 

Engraved designs on doors 

Wooden engravings on doors give an artistic touch to the entryway. Elegant floral designs and geometric or even natural, engraved doors make the doorway even more stylish. You can highlight the entranceway simply by keeping the door plain and framing it with carved wooden panels. 

Wooden doors with glass panes 

Wooden doors with glass panes add a touch of elegance. It brings fluidity to the overall decor of the interior. A frosted glass panel with a darker-toned wooden frame creates a vibrant entryway. Door glass with gold embossed flush door lends richness to the entrance.

Patterned wooden door designs 

Patterned wooden door designs are more common in Indian apartments. These are sturdy and durable requiring minimum maintenance. However, with a touch of brass metal, these overused designs can be transformed into more appealing and distinct designs.

Buying a home and decorating it in a way that screams luxury and panache is a dream for many of us. Engineers Horizon’s iOS apartments for sale in Tathawade are meticulously designed to match your taste and needs. Explore the property located in Tathawade to know more in detail. iOS is one of the top-selling projects in Tathawade and offers 1/2/3 BHK spacious homes in an affordable price range that meets your taste and pocket. 










How to beautify your windows and balconies?

How To Beautify Your Balconies And Windows?

Windows and balconies are irresistible hangouts for relaxation and entertainment. However, a balcony with dead plants or broken furniture is a tragic sight and can ruin the home’s beauty. On the other hand, a beautifully designed window and neatly designed balcony can make the house look perfect. With the sunlight, some potted plants, and a glimpse of blue sky, only these three elements can transform the look of your home. Here are four window designs to beautify your windows.

1.Evergreen boxed design- A sliding window in a boxed layout can make a window look classy.

2.Invisible window grills- Invisible window grills are built with incredible elasticity and high tension and are apt for unobstructed views.

3.Foggy window design – These are apt for maintaining privacy while protecting the home from harsh sunlight and wind. 

4.Floral designs for window grills – Enhance the beauty of your window with floral grill designs. You can choose themes that suit your style.

Transform your balcony into an enchanting hang-out with these great ideas

1.Spruce up your boring balcony with interlocking deck styles. These can be easily installed by simply snapping the pieces together. 

2.Place plants in the corner or hang plant boxes on the wrought iron fences.

3.You can set a planter wall to create decorative heaven where you can retreat to unwind and relax.

4.Create an urban jungle with seasonal flowers and plants. Cover the railing with flower boxes. Set a tiny accent table and chair overlooking the view of the city. 

iOS in Tathawade with striking terraces and balconies 

In the last two years, people have been made to live indoors due to the coronavirus pandemic, eventually leading realtors to pay greater attention to amenities that give people more access to fresh outdoor air and natural light. 3 BHK flats in Tathawade at iOS are all about big bedrooms, roomy kitchens, spacious living rooms, and big balconies with views. Big balconies give a visual appeal to the house and a space where you can decorate that reflects your style. You can grow your exotic veggies and fruits by using your balcony space or set up a cozy setting to grab your share of vitamin D in the early mornings or capture sunsets in windy evenings. Check out the beautiful 3 BHK apartment in Tathawade at iOS. 3 BHK homes in iOS come with big balconies with great views. You can learn more about the project and the availability of  2 BHK flats in Tathawade  from the link below.

Appealing and functional designs for 3 BHK flats in Wakad

Appealing and Functional Designs for 3 BHK Flats in Wakad

Buying a dream home in a city is a big feat, but making it more liveable without wasting space can be arduous. A spacious home does not necessarily need to be a bungalow but more about a comfortable space where you can accommodate your lifestyle. Here are quick tips to make your 3 BHK more functional and appealing. So let’s get started with the living room.

Living room 

Make the living room more spacious by creating flow throughout the room by sticking to different tones of the same color palette. Opt for textures to create space-enhancing light spaces. Add light and brightness to the room with mirrors that help bounce the light from the window and reflect everything.  Instead of using heavier furniture, consider using light furniture with tapered legs. Avoid oversized furniture, which can make a room look darker. Usually, a sofa set is the focal point of a living room. Choose a neutral sofa with beautiful styles like curves and buttons to add more character. Choose light and airy drapes to create a moodier feel in your living room. Make a low ceiling room taller with vertical stripes. You can maximize the storage potential by using the vertical space.

Make your bedroom look bigger 

Paint the bedroom walls with light colors because darker paints absorb light and make the room feel smaller. Create fluidity in the space with monochromatic paint colors. Paint the ceilings darker to give the illusion of height. Avoid excessive furniture and use space-saving furniture like folding desks and chair so you can fold them when you are not using them. Avoid tall chairs and headboards to create more space above, and make walls cleaner and ceilings higher. Create an illusion of depth in the wall with built-in shelving around the bedding. Finally, embrace mirrors to create the ultimate illusion of spaciousness.

Transform cluttered kids room into a lovely space

Make a space-savvy window seat to create a cozy area for reading and chilling. Add storage boxes beneath to store toys and games. Create a magnetic wall to show off paintings or for playing with solar system magnets. Use brighter tones for walls to draw away the attention from the room’s petite proportion. Stick to small proportioned furniture to leave more floor space. Upgrade it until your child is around primary school starting age.

Make your kitchen look more spacious

Install large windows to bring in light and sunshine for a brighter feel. Store the extra clutter in a separate space to make the cooking space look more spacious. Set up LED lights to make it look larger. Add glass door cabinets to store glassware, bringing a different appeal to the kitchen. Install shelf uppers to add more storage spaces.

3 BHK in Bonheur, Wakad 

Suppose functional designs and aesthetics; you are looking for your 3 BHK homes. In that case, you will love meticulously designed 3 BHK apartments in Wakad at Bonheur. These apartments for sale in Wakad are well-ventilated and allow maximum natural light in each room. Visit the property to know more. The project is offering 2 BHK flats in Wakad as well.

5 smart hacks to beautify the interior design of your home in 2022

5 Smart Hacks To Beautify The Interior Design Of Your Home In 2022

The Interior of a home is the visual soul that expresses the owner’s persona. An aesthetically pleasing home creates a serene ambiance and evokes inner peace. Interior design trends of 2022 are all about pastel shades, incorporating timeless classics with newer and fresh ones. Here is five trending hacks to make your home look more beautiful.

Brown is a versatile color– Shades of brown bring a welcoming vibe. Caramel and chocolate are the hottest shades of brown in 2022.

Flexible spaces- As the pandemic kept us all indoors for more than two years, we are looking for multi-functional spaces. For example, creating zones for kids’ play areas or creating a space as a hobby room where we can destress and unwind for a while.

Incorporate pastels Adding pastel shades to bring vibrancy to the room decor. Shades of blues and greens to yellows and pinks pastel shades are a great way to break the age-old monotony of whites.

Smart homes- Millennials are veering towards smart living. Technical assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant have become a part of cosmopolitan lives. Switching on lights or drawing curtains with a click on a smartphone makes lives easier.

Outdoor furniture- The year 2022 witnessed a growing trend in outdoor decor. From a staggering variety of furniture to textures and tiles, interior home decor ideas have broadened its horizon to the outdoors as well. 

If you are contemplating upgrading your home interiors, these trends you can follow to make your home stand apart from others. For a long-term green approach, choose eco-friendly materials that can be recycled, reused, and repurposed. The sustainability quotient is trending in 2022 and will continue to minimize the ecological footprint in the coming years. 

Engineers Horizon is creating more liveable, sustainable, and affordable spaces.

Engineers Horizon, a reputed builder in Pune, is developing Bonheur one of the top-selling projects in Wakad that speaks more about sustainable community living. From reduced emissions to quality spaces, homes in Bonheur offers flats for sale near Hinjewadi IT park,  a sustainable living option in Wakad. This unique project offers 1,2, and 3 BHK homes defining the luxury you need today.

Refer to these exclusive trending design hacks if you need help decorating your interiors! Plan smartly and spend wisely if you want a new look at your new home. While buying a new home, get involved in multiple aspects like flooring, lighting, plumbing fittings, and fixtures to make the task of customization easier. For the best flat interiors, outline a realistic budget that you can allocate. Then, add a dash of charm to your new home with these trending design ideas. Thank us later!

Why Wakad in Pimpri-Chinchwad has become a sought-after destination in Pune real estate

Why Wakad In Pimpri-Chinchwad Has Become A Sought-After Destination In Pune Real Estate

Why Wakad in Pimpri-Chinchwad has become a sought-after destination in Pune real estate

Wakad, under Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation, has become a popular real estate investment destination. In the last few years, Wakad has become one of the fastest-growing suburbs of Pune. This suburb has been granted a maximum number of commercial and residential building permission resulting in a number of luxury property development in Wakad. The factor driving the real estate development in Wakad is its proximity to the IT center of Hinjewadi. Hinjewadi is the next big IT hub in Pune, home to various multi-national companies.

Moreover, Wakad enjoys superb connectivity to Pune city and surrounding areas like Hinjewadi, Aundh, Pasha, Baner, and Balewadi via three Bus Rapid Transit routes. Also, it is close to Mumbai- Pune Expressway. Therefore, Wakad has become an ideal option for  IT professionals and families who want to settle down near offices for easy work commutes and the availability of quality residential properties. 


Bonheur by Engineers Horizon

Engineers Horizon, formerly  Linux group, has launched Bonheur in Wakad, a  luxury residential project that offers 2 and 3 BHK. Having constructed over .98 acres of land, the project offers a quality lifestyle in PCMC, Pune. The property enjoys good access to schools, colleges, hotels, malls, and hospitals. 



Edify INT school

Indus Business School

Mercedeze Benz School


Xion Mall

Reliance Digital


Big Bazaar


Ruby hall

Golden Care Hospital

Surya Hospital

Life Point Hospital


Holiday INN

Marriot Hotel

Gareway HotelTo know more about Bonheur , visit


Amenities in Bonheur 

Besides its strategic location, Bonheur’s immediate pleasant surroundings and evergreen peripheral plantation foster the perfect environment for your wellness. The jogging park and featured pathway uplift your health, mood, and wellness. Baby pool and kid play area with slides, swings, and merry-go-rounds create a positive environment for kids. The gym, swimming pool, and clubhouse give a new touch of luxury where you can spend quality time with loved ones. 


Are you contemplating buying a house in Wakad? Explore  3 BHK apartments in Bonheur in Wakad.It has launched its 3BHK tower. So experience the benefit of living in Wakad, a thriving suburb of Pune. Bonheur gives you easy access to essential daily needs from schools and hospitals to recreational amenities. The property offers state-of-the-art amenities and conveniences, making the lifestyle comfortable and luxurious. 


5 advantages of living in iOS Tathawade

5 Advantages Of Living In iOS Tathawade

When we plan to buy a home, things that strike our mind are branded specifications, modern facilities, safety, and a luxury lifestyle within a gated community. We wish to live in homes with modern amenities, nestled in a pristine environment away from the noise of rush hour traffic and the hustle-bustle of the city. 

Engineers Horizon, formerly known as the Linux group, launched iOS. A luxury residential property that offers a well-rounded lifestyle in Tathawade. iOS in Tathawade provides a home in 1,2, and 3 BHK configurations with amenities and facilities that help you to live a comfortable lifestyle. 

If you are looking for flats in iOS, here are five notable advantages you will get here

Higher property value

Strategically located in Tathawade, iOS gives its residents the advantage of the robust social and civic amenities of Tathawade, excellent connectivity, and convenience. In addition, the price trend in Tathawade is moving, thus offering better property value. 

Safety and security in iOS 

iOS in Tathawade offers multi-layer security to its residents. Security guards keep a record of who enters and exits at the defined entrance and exit points. CCTV, automatic security system, and 24-hour power backups provide better protection to the residents. Surveillance systems in common areas help to keep an eye on the ongoing activities.

 Eco-friendy living 

If you wish to live an eco-friendly lifestyle away from city humdrum, iOS is the perfect address in Tathawade. Nestled in the lap of nature, iOS is amped up with pocketed gardens and green plantations. Apart from open spaces, iOS offers amenities like rainwater harvesting and solar power, thus making homes more energy-efficient, reducing waste, and cutting down on bills. 

Kids play area for little munchkins

If you want your kids can play and grow under proper surveillance, explore iOS, which offers kid-friendly amenities. Amenities like kids’ play area is highly secured with no moving vehicles or any danger around the playing areas, thus providing a secure place for little society members to play around safely.  If you have children, there can be no better place than iOS for you. 

Lifestyle changes 

 iOS offers lifestyle amenities like a gymnasium, clubhouse, and walking trails where residents can spend quality time with their loved ones. You may find these facilities nearby, but having them at your doorstep means you don’t have to spend time and money accessing them.

If you are purchasing a home in Tathwade, pick a gated community, iOS by Engineers Horizon, a trusted builder in Pune. So close to all essential amenities, iOS increases the perceived value of the home and the lifestyle you cherish.

Real estate in Pune to touch new height in 2022

Real Estate In Pune To Touch New Height In 2022

Real estate in Pune to touch new height in 2022

The real estate sector in Pune is gaining healthy momentum in 2022. The overall residential and commercial industry market is witnessing phenomenal growth post-pandemic. The residential section witnessed an upward trajectory due to government initiatives, lowering stamp duty, registration fees, and home loan interest rates. Buoyed by these factors, the growth in real estate continued in 2022. Meanwhile, the commercial sector is witnessing sales momentum due to the resumption of work from the office. In addition, the luxury residential sector is poised to grow in 2022, as prospective home buyers prefer bigger homes. 


Stamp duty and registration fee in Pune in 2022

Each year stamp duty and registration fees are charged according to the real estate trends in the state, the country, and the state. For male buyers, the stamp duty rate is 6 %, whereas, for female buyers, it is 5 %. If the property is co-owned, buy both male and female buyers stamp duty is 6 %. The registration fee for male buyers in Pune is Rs 30,000 if the property’s value exceeds Rs. 30 lakhs. For female buyers, the registration fee is the same as for male buyers. If a male and female buyer owns the property, the registration fee is Rs 30,000 if the property’s value is more than 30,000.


Home loan interest rates in 2022

Home loan interest rates in Pune range between 6.85% p.a to 9.85% p.a. Processing fee and maximum loan amount are determined per the bank’s terms and conditions and the applicant’s eligibility. 


Government initiatives 

Under The Smart City project, the government aims to develop 100 smart cities across the country. The project offers a significant opportunity to realtors and the sector’s expansion. The business expansion increased demand for commercial spaces and urban dwellings. Also, the government has sanctioned 425 SEZs, out of which 265 are already functioning. 


Quality of living in Pune

Pune is close to other cities like Nashik, Solapur, and the economic hub of India, Mumbai. The city is beautifully landscaped with lush green trees and plantations. Transportation and accessibility to different parts of the city are not a problem as the city has well-maintained arterial roads connecting every nook and corner. 


Planning to buy a 3 BHK in Wakad Pune? 2022 would be the right time to invest in real estate. Engineers horizon, a reputed builder in Pune, has launched luxury residential projects in prime locations of Pune; Bonheur in Wakad and iOS in Tathawade. Bonheur offers 2 and 3 BHK aesthetic homes, whereas iOS, strategically located in Tathawade, offers 1, 2, and 3 BHK homes. So upgrade your lifestyle in the most happening suburbs of Pune. 

iOS - A slice of heaven in Tathawade

iOS – A Slice Of Heaven In Tathawade

iOS – A slice of heaven in Tathawade 

Returning home after a long and hectic day is a pleasant thought. A retreat that welcomes you to a world of comfort and happiness. A place that gives your mind a place to rest, restore and help you feel more at peace. Welcome to iOS, an upcoming residential project by Engineers Horizon, formerly the Linux group. iOS offers a perfect lifestyle in  Tathawade. Surrounded by hills overlooking the beautiful landscape of Tathawade, iOS provides a lavish lifestyle and unparalleled connectivity. Located right at the heart of Tathawade, iOS ensures your home aligns with your personality and needs.   


iOS in Tathawade 

Spread across sprawling acres, iOS features some great amenities and features. The property is close to NH 48 and some popular transit points like Akurdi railway station. It seamlessly connects to other parts of the city via arterial roads like Kiwale-Sanghvi road. The landscape of Tathawade changed phenomenally. Sharing a neighborhood with Hinjewadi, a prime IT hub of Pune, Tathawade climbed the graph of social amenities and civic infrastructure development. Once known for farmlands and farming, the rural areas saw facilities approaching and demand for homes nearby. 


Why choose Tathawade?

Tathawade has become a real estate destination for migrating professionals looking for homes near offices, schools, and colleges. In recent years it gained popularity among home buyers searching for a home due to the presence of international schools and mainstream colleges. All the necessary facilities like groceries, marts, hospitals, and clinics are available in a blink. Tathawade has become that thriving part of the city that boasts a buzzing economy, cosmopolitan lifestyle, and job opportunities. The price trend in Tathawade ensures a higher return on investment. 


Spacious homes of iOS offer mesmerizing hill views

Living in iOS is like celebrating opulence and exclusive indulgences. iOS offers spacious 1,2, and 3 BHK with ultra-modern amenities like a clubhouse, stunning lobby, and global standard security. It provides amenities like a gymnasium, Kid’s play area, yoga areas, 24 hours power backup, and much more. This high-rise is earthquake resistant and offers branded fixtures and features. The property has excellent access to daily essentials, like groceries, clinics, and schools. Aditya Birla Hospital is just a few km away from iOS. 

If you are searching for 2 BHK flats in Pune , explore iOS in Tathawade, where luxury is engraved in every detail. . Experience upscale living in iOS, soaked in the freshness of serene nature.  


Bonheur - Find the luxurious living here

Bonheur – Find The Luxurious Living Here

Bonheur – Find the luxurious living here

Expanding cities and hectic lifestyles have changed the preferences of millennial homebuyers who are looking for homes that create a sense of belonging. They want to buy a house where the modern lifestyle is made more accessible, where security and various comforts are available. A gated community like Bonheur in Wakad provides that sense of belonging. Residents are welcomed into a safe and secure world where thoughtful amenities pamper every lifestyle need and requirement.


Bonheur  in Wakad

Bonheur in Wakad has been developed by Engineers Horizon, a reputed realtor in Pune’s real estate sector. Bonheur offers 2 and 3 BHK luxurious homes at an extremely attractive price. These premium apartments come with carpet areas starting from 615 sq ft. In addition, the property provides amenities refining taste, perfection, and industry standards. 


Amenities designed around joy and happiness 

Bonheur offers thoughtful amenities that are etched in detail to the highest standards. Bonheur is spread across sprawling acres of land, giving the privilege of expansive living. Abundant open spaces, green plantations, and landscaped gardens foster a healthier living experience. Luxury amenities in Bonheur cater to residents of every age group, from senior citizens and adults to kids. High-rise living gives the residents uninterrupted views of the city skyline. Kids’ play area with in- built park creates avenues for limitless fun for the little members of the society. A senior citizen park inside the premise gives the elderly residents to spend peaceful moments in the lap of nature. Security features like multifunctional electronic intercom facilities, CCTV in common areas, 24 hours power backups foster a sense of security. 


Connectivity to convenience

Bonheur is strategically located in Wakad, giving the privilege of seamless connectivity to the civic amenities and social infrastructure of Wakad and the rest of the city. The property is close to Mumbai-Pune Expressway and connected to some of the best schools, colleges, hospitals, and health infrastructures. Popular malls like Xion mall are 2.8 km away from Bonheur. Reliance Digital and DMart are within a few km away from Bonheur.


If you purchase a home in a gated community, where you will get a green and peaceful environment, accessible amenities, and better home value, then explore Bonheur in Wakad. 2 and 3 BHK homes in Wakad are available for booking. Living in Bonheur means waking up to serenity where verdant green, chirping birds, and fresh air  greet you every morning.If you want to live in a community where comforts and convenience speak volumes about amenities that foster convenient living, choose Bonheur. 


Which one is better - A home loan or a Personal loan?

Which One Is Better – A Personal Loan Or A Home Loan?

Buying a home is a dream for us but acquiring the dream home becomes too expensive without home loans. The central government introduced additional benefits of 1.5 lakhs in 2019 to home loaners extended to 2022. A person can avail of the tax benefits if his home loan is approved before March 31, 2022. Under sections EEA and 24. The individual can claim the maximum deduction of 3.5Lacs for the interest paid. A home loaner can get an additional interest relaxation if the property has a stamp duty valuation of up to Rs.45 lacs. Also, he must not posses any residential property before the sanctioning  of loan date, and the sanctioned date must be between April 1, 2019, to March 31, 2022. A personal loan is an unsecured amount offered by lenders to buy a house. The loan repayment tenure is shorter in a personal home loan.

Which one is better – a home loan or a personal loan?

Before you finalize which type of loan you should avail yourself of to buy a home, consider a few factors like loan tenure, loan disbursal period, and interest rates. A personal loan has a higher interest rate than a home loan, and its repayment tenure is shorter than a home loan. However, a personal loan is best if you want to save money in a few hours. In addition, a personal loan is best for home decor expenses, whereas a home loan is a secured amount that can be availed for tenures of 20 years or more. Moreover, if you consider penalties associated with both types, borrowers are not charged with any penalties for pre-payment of top-up home loans. In personal loans, lenders charge penalties on pre-payments.

Home loans make the dream of buying a home a reality for those who seek to own a place to call home. Buying a luxury home at a premium address becomes much easier with home loans. In addition, realtors and developers offer discounts on booking flats during festive seasons or in pre-launch editions. 

iOS in Tathawade 

Engineers Horizon, a well-known realtor in Pune, launched iOS, which offers luxury 2 and 3 BHK homes in a prime location of Tathawade. The property is under construction and is equipped with luxury amenities and conveniences to make the lifestyle more exclusive. The property is well-connected to the Hinjewadi IT hub and other daily essentials. Set in the lap of nature, iOS is encompassed by good civic amenities. It enjoys seamless connectivity to schools, colleges, and healthcare infrastructure. If you are searching for 2 BHK in Tathawade, explore the iOS residential project. From design to amenities, iOS is a residential marvel in Tathawade that offers an exemplary lifestyle that you have dreamt of.

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