Real estate in Pune to touch new height in 2022

Real Estate In Pune To Touch New Height In 2022

Real estate in Pune to touch new height in 2022

The real estate sector in Pune is gaining healthy momentum in 2022. The overall residential and commercial industry market is witnessing phenomenal growth post-pandemic. The residential section witnessed an upward trajectory due to government initiatives, lowering stamp duty, registration fees, and home loan interest rates. Buoyed by these factors, the growth in real estate continued in 2022. Meanwhile, the commercial sector is witnessing sales momentum due to the resumption of work from the office. In addition, the luxury residential sector is poised to grow in 2022, as prospective home buyers prefer bigger homes. 


Stamp duty and registration fee in Pune in 2022

Each year stamp duty and registration fees are charged according to the real estate trends in the state, the country, and the state. For male buyers, the stamp duty rate is 6 %, whereas, for female buyers, it is 5 %. If the property is co-owned, buy both male and female buyers stamp duty is 6 %. The registration fee for male buyers in Pune is Rs 30,000 if the property’s value exceeds Rs. 30 lakhs. For female buyers, the registration fee is the same as for male buyers. If a male and female buyer owns the property, the registration fee is Rs 30,000 if the property’s value is more than 30,000.


Home loan interest rates in 2022

Home loan interest rates in Pune range between 6.85% p.a to 9.85% p.a. Processing fee and maximum loan amount are determined per the bank’s terms and conditions and the applicant’s eligibility. 


Government initiatives 

Under The Smart City project, the government aims to develop 100 smart cities across the country. The project offers a significant opportunity to realtors and the sector’s expansion. The business expansion increased demand for commercial spaces and urban dwellings. Also, the government has sanctioned 425 SEZs, out of which 265 are already functioning. 


Quality of living in Pune

Pune is close to other cities like Nashik, Solapur, and the economic hub of India, Mumbai. The city is beautifully landscaped with lush green trees and plantations. Transportation and accessibility to different parts of the city are not a problem as the city has well-maintained arterial roads connecting every nook and corner. 


Planning to buy a 3 BHK in Wakad Pune? 2022 would be the right time to invest in real estate. Engineers horizon, a reputed builder in Pune, has launched luxury residential projects in prime locations of Pune; Bonheur in Wakad and iOS in Tathawade. Bonheur offers 2 and 3 BHK aesthetic homes, whereas iOS, strategically located in Tathawade, offers 1, 2, and 3 BHK homes. So upgrade your lifestyle in the most happening suburbs of Pune. 

iOS - A slice of heaven in Tathawade

iOS – A Slice Of Heaven In Tathawade

iOS – A slice of heaven in Tathawade 

Returning home after a long and hectic day is a pleasant thought. A retreat that welcomes you to a world of comfort and happiness. A place that gives your mind a place to rest, restore and help you feel more at peace. Welcome to iOS, an upcoming residential project by Engineers Horizon, formerly the Linux group. iOS offers a perfect lifestyle in  Tathawade. Surrounded by hills overlooking the beautiful landscape of Tathawade, iOS provides a lavish lifestyle and unparalleled connectivity. Located right at the heart of Tathawade, iOS ensures your home aligns with your personality and needs.   


iOS in Tathawade 

Spread across sprawling acres, iOS features some great amenities and features. The property is close to NH 48 and some popular transit points like Akurdi railway station. It seamlessly connects to other parts of the city via arterial roads like Kiwale-Sanghvi road. The landscape of Tathawade changed phenomenally. Sharing a neighborhood with Hinjewadi, a prime IT hub of Pune, Tathawade climbed the graph of social amenities and civic infrastructure development. Once known for farmlands and farming, the rural areas saw facilities approaching and demand for homes nearby. 


Why choose Tathawade?

Tathawade has become a real estate destination for migrating professionals looking for homes near offices, schools, and colleges. In recent years it gained popularity among home buyers searching for a home due to the presence of international schools and mainstream colleges. All the necessary facilities like groceries, marts, hospitals, and clinics are available in a blink. Tathawade has become that thriving part of the city that boasts a buzzing economy, cosmopolitan lifestyle, and job opportunities. The price trend in Tathawade ensures a higher return on investment. 


Spacious homes of iOS offer mesmerizing hill views

Living in iOS is like celebrating opulence and exclusive indulgences. iOS offers spacious 1,2, and 3 BHK with ultra-modern amenities like a clubhouse, stunning lobby, and global standard security. It provides amenities like a gymnasium, Kid’s play area, yoga areas, 24 hours power backup, and much more. This high-rise is earthquake resistant and offers branded fixtures and features. The property has excellent access to daily essentials, like groceries, clinics, and schools. Aditya Birla Hospital is just a few km away from iOS. 

If you are searching for 2 BHK flats in Pune , explore iOS in Tathawade, where luxury is engraved in every detail. . Experience upscale living in iOS, soaked in the freshness of serene nature.  


Bonheur - Find the luxurious living here

Bonheur – Find The Luxurious Living Here

Bonheur – Find the luxurious living here

Expanding cities and hectic lifestyles have changed the preferences of millennial homebuyers who are looking for homes that create a sense of belonging. They want to buy a house where the modern lifestyle is made more accessible, where security and various comforts are available. A gated community like Bonheur in Wakad provides that sense of belonging. Residents are welcomed into a safe and secure world where thoughtful amenities pamper every lifestyle need and requirement.


Bonheur  in Wakad

Bonheur in Wakad has been developed by Engineers Horizon, a reputed realtor in Pune’s real estate sector. Bonheur offers 2 and 3 BHK luxurious homes at an extremely attractive price. These premium apartments come with carpet areas starting from 615 sq ft. In addition, the property provides amenities refining taste, perfection, and industry standards. 


Amenities designed around joy and happiness 

Bonheur offers thoughtful amenities that are etched in detail to the highest standards. Bonheur is spread across sprawling acres of land, giving the privilege of expansive living. Abundant open spaces, green plantations, and landscaped gardens foster a healthier living experience. Luxury amenities in Bonheur cater to residents of every age group, from senior citizens and adults to kids. High-rise living gives the residents uninterrupted views of the city skyline. Kids’ play area with in- built park creates avenues for limitless fun for the little members of the society. A senior citizen park inside the premise gives the elderly residents to spend peaceful moments in the lap of nature. Security features like multifunctional electronic intercom facilities, CCTV in common areas, 24 hours power backups foster a sense of security. 


Connectivity to convenience

Bonheur is strategically located in Wakad, giving the privilege of seamless connectivity to the civic amenities and social infrastructure of Wakad and the rest of the city. The property is close to Mumbai-Pune Expressway and connected to some of the best schools, colleges, hospitals, and health infrastructures. Popular malls like Xion mall are 2.8 km away from Bonheur. Reliance Digital and DMart are within a few km away from Bonheur.


If you purchase a home in a gated community, where you will get a green and peaceful environment, accessible amenities, and better home value, then explore Bonheur in Wakad. 2 and 3 BHK homes in Wakad are available for booking. Living in Bonheur means waking up to serenity where verdant green, chirping birds, and fresh air  greet you every morning.If you want to live in a community where comforts and convenience speak volumes about amenities that foster convenient living, choose Bonheur. 


Which one is better - A home loan or a Personal loan?

Which One Is Better – A Personal Loan Or A Home Loan?

Buying a home is a dream for us but acquiring the dream home becomes too expensive without home loans. The central government introduced additional benefits of 1.5 lakhs in 2019 to home loaners extended to 2022. A person can avail of the tax benefits if his home loan is approved before March 31, 2022. Under sections EEA and 24. The individual can claim the maximum deduction of 3.5Lacs for the interest paid. A home loaner can get an additional interest relaxation if the property has a stamp duty valuation of up to Rs.45 lacs. Also, he must not posses any residential property before the sanctioning  of loan date, and the sanctioned date must be between April 1, 2019, to March 31, 2022. A personal loan is an unsecured amount offered by lenders to buy a house. The loan repayment tenure is shorter in a personal home loan.

Which one is better – a home loan or a personal loan?

Before you finalize which type of loan you should avail yourself of to buy a home, consider a few factors like loan tenure, loan disbursal period, and interest rates. A personal loan has a higher interest rate than a home loan, and its repayment tenure is shorter than a home loan. However, a personal loan is best if you want to save money in a few hours. In addition, a personal loan is best for home decor expenses, whereas a home loan is a secured amount that can be availed for tenures of 20 years or more. Moreover, if you consider penalties associated with both types, borrowers are not charged with any penalties for pre-payment of top-up home loans. In personal loans, lenders charge penalties on pre-payments.

Home loans make the dream of buying a home a reality for those who seek to own a place to call home. Buying a luxury home at a premium address becomes much easier with home loans. In addition, realtors and developers offer discounts on booking flats during festive seasons or in pre-launch editions. 

iOS in Tathawade 

Engineers Horizon, a well-known realtor in Pune, launched iOS, which offers luxury 2 and 3 BHK homes in a prime location of Tathawade. The property is under construction and is equipped with luxury amenities and conveniences to make the lifestyle more exclusive. The property is well-connected to the Hinjewadi IT hub and other daily essentials. Set in the lap of nature, iOS is encompassed by good civic amenities. It enjoys seamless connectivity to schools, colleges, and healthcare infrastructure. If you are searching for 2 BHK in Tathawade, explore the iOS residential project. From design to amenities, iOS is a residential marvel in Tathawade that offers an exemplary lifestyle that you have dreamt of.

Amazing Small Balcony Garden Design Inspiration

Amazing Small Balcony Garden Design Inspiration

Amazing  small balcony garden design inspiration

Are you thinking of growing an urban vegetable garden on a balcony? The entire process of growing a garden can be adventurous and fun at the same time. But, ensure your plants get sufficient sunlight, water, and love. Eager to know how? Here are some stunning ideas that will help you to get started.


Plants you can grow on the balcony

You can grow any plant if you have the space and sunlight. However, if you live in a place experiencing cold winters, consider plants that can be overwintered indoors. You can grow small trees like citrus trees, container-friendly annuals, perennials, tropical house plants, and flowering vines. 


For small balcony garden ideas 

Rail balcony garden bed for seasonal blooms

Use rail planters to fix them on rails or use metal hooks to hang them. Ornamental plants or seasonal blooms add a touch of color without crowding the balcony.

Free-standing containers 

Bring nature close to your lifestyle with free-standing planters of various shapes and sizes.

Vertical garden

Make use of the balcony’s walls to turn it into a private retreat with climbing plants and other greenery.

Terracotta balcony herb garden

Clay planters look attractive and prevent overwatering as they are porous. These are the perfect containers for your balcony if you are growing herbs.

Metal staircase planters 

A multi-level metal stand is suitable for a balcony herb garden. These are durable and comes in various size. 

Containers that are best for balcony gardens

Fabric grows bags in lightweight containers for more convenient portability. 

Plastic and fiber glass plant containers come in various styles and sizes.

Tiered planters for a space-saving solution

Tiered planters for herbs and trailing vegetables are good space -saving alternatives for small balconies.

Planning to buy a new home in Wakad to design it according to your style? A home where you can breathe in the serenity of nature. Engineers Horizon, a reputed builder in PCMC, Pune, launched Bonheur, a  luxury project under construction in Wakad. The property in Wakad offers 2 and 3 BHK homes with bigger carpet areas. Surrounded by schools, malls, hotels, hospitals, and IT parks, Bonheur offers the luxury of urban amenities at a compelling price. The property is strategically located in Wakad and is due for possession in December 2023. If you want to live a fulfilling life  that echoes luxury in every detail, then explore 2 & 3 BHK in  Bonheur, a premium project in Wakad.

iOS in Tathawade bridging the gap between you and conveniences

iOS in Tathawade Bridging the Gap Between You and Conveniences

 Once known for farming and farmland, Tathawade is now a thriving locality on the borders of Pune city that witnessed phenomenal growth in recent years. From infrastructure to civic amenities, Tathawade climbed the development graph in recent years. The locality is well-connected to the areas including Baner, Wakad, Pimpri, Chinchwad, and Aundh. Whether education or job opportunities, Tathawade is well-equipped with amenities necessary for a convenient lifestyle. 

Standard of living in Tathawade

The Standard of living in Tathawade has further improved with new launches and the construction of premium residential properties. Reputed and well-known builders are developing residential properties complementing urban living. For example, Engineers Horizon, a reputed brand in the real estate sector in Pune, is developing a project named iOS, facilitating luxurious living in one of the premium locations of Pune. iOS offers luxury apartments of 2 and 3 BHK configurations in a well-secured and well-equipped location in Tathawade. 

Amenities in iOS, Tathawade

iOS offers state-of-the-art amenities that symbolize a lifestyle that speaks of the owner’s style and identity. Its indoor amenities provide the residents with the comfort of luxurious living. From the clubhouse to multi-layered security, amenities are centered around the residents of all ages. With a blending of modern infrastructure with the right amount of nature, iOS offers a peaceful and healthy environment to wake up to. With ample greenery and birds chirping, iOS fosters the perfect environment for residents’ well-being. Spacious apartments and huge balconies redefine the luxury of abundance. 

Well-connected to convenience 

iOS is well-connected to prominent localities of the city, including the Hinjewadi IT hub. The property enjoys a seamless connection with reputed schools and hospitals in Tathawade and other parts of the city. Aditya Birla Memorial hospital is a few km away from the project. 

Looking for an exceptional lifestyle in Tathawade? Explore iOS if you are looking for an investment in Tathawade. The property offers  3 BHK in Tathawade, equipped with luxurious amenities and connectivity that complement the lifestyle needs. Experience an exceptional lifestyle in one of the premium addresses of Pune. Strategically located in Tathawade, iOS offers scenic views of Murugan hills and Ganesha hills. In addition, the property is earthquake-resistant with specifications of supreme quality. Spread across sprawling acres, apartments in iOS come with multiple amenities catering to every resident. It features 4 tier security features and recreational amenities for all age groups. 

Favorite home design trends of 2022

Favorite Home Design Trends of 2022

Favorite home design trends of 2022

Home design trends in 2022 will have sustainability at their core. Design trends will continue to reinvent and refresh your home for the year ahead, from curved furniture to rustic colors. Here are a few trends that will bring your home with a sensational style.

Bold patterns and colors 

3 inspiring, eye-grabbing, and in-your-face color trends you will see this year Adventurous pastels, rustic, earthy muted tones, and vintage flower power, will continue to bring outdoors in. 

3D Art

As people spend more time in the home, they look to add life to their plain walls. Something popping right out of the wall gives a whimsy touch to the wall, which is simple and lackluster otherwise. 

Mindful spaces 

Home is our refuge where we love to enjoy our moments and small happenings of everyday life. Creating mindful spaces in the home is important to inspire a mood. Bright white airy rooms, neutral palettes, and lots of natural elements bring joy to our everyday lives. Mindful spaces positively impact our well-being and emotions.


Sustainable home design trends are growing due to weather and climate changes. People are inclined to homes built using a holistic energy efficiency approach. Dependency is growing on natural light rather than on artificial light. 

Multifunctional spaces

Multifunctional spaces like combining dining room and kitchen spaces are perfect for modern open-plan floors. Multifunctional spaces not only save spaces but make a room clutter-free and spacious.

Curved furnishings  

The curved furniture trend has made its way back in a big way after a long hiatus. Curved furniture like a curved sofa gives a home an entirely modern and contemporary look. Curved furniture looks best when pulled away from the wall.  

Are you planning to invest in real estate this year? If home buying is on your bucket list, explore Bonheur offering 1,2, and 3 BHK homes. Then, book your dream 2 BHK in Wakad and curate it with popular home designs throughout the year. Bonheur is being developed by Engineers Horizon, a well-known brand in the real estate sector of Pune. Conveniently located in Wakad, Bonheur offers homeowners all the comforts and luxury at an affordable price range. In addition, modern amenities and its connectivity to all significant landmarks of the city make Bonheur one of the most preferred destinations for real estate investment.

Attain quality living in iOS Tathawade

Attain Quality Living In iOS Tathawade

Buying a home gives a sense of financial stability. It’s a lifetime investment for many of us. Equity grows with you as long as you stay in that home. Homeownership gives you the freedom to decorate the way you want. It is a space where we invest our life savings in living a quality lifestyle. To attain the quality living, the home must have the right blend of aesthetics, designs, technology, and construction materials. Engineers Horizon, a well-known name in the real estate sector of Pune, has launched a luxury project in Tathawade named iOS, which covers these important aspects of design and architecture to improve the quality of living. 

Important factors that can improve the quality of living 

  • Good quality construction material

 A reputed builder uses quality construction material for a well-structured house. 

  • Height of the ceiling

The ceiling height for each room should never be below 10 ft. High ceilings make the room spacious, whereas low ceiling makes the room congested.

  • Spacious living rooms

Living rooms should be spacious enough to properly accommodate a dining table and a sofa. Generally, most of our time is spent in the living room, so it should be designed ergonomically to make it feel spacious. 

  • Open plan kitchen area

The open-plan kitchen area offers greater versatility as it easily integrates with the living area. An open plan kitchen area doubles as a dining room where you can create a chill-out zone.

  • Quality fittings and fixtures

A good developer uses branded quality fittings and fixtures like good taps, shower fittings, bathroom fittings, and locks to make the property look exclusive. 

  • iOS in Tathawade

Strategically located in Tathawade, iOS offers 1,2, and 3 BHK homes equipped with amenities and features apt for a quality lifestyle. Nestled in the lap of nature, surrounded by Murugan hills and Ganesh hills, iOS follows seismic-resistant building designs. Meticulously designed floor plans optimize floor space. Endowed with modern amenities, iOS offers the benefit of quick access to the city’s daily essentials and important nodes. In addition, it has seamless access to multispeciality hospitals, educational institutions, and recreational amenities. The nearest railway station is Akurdi which is 4.5 km away from the property. 

If you are looking forBHK in Tathawade, then head out to iOS. The property offers spacious 1, 2, and 3 BHK apartments addressing modern lifestyle requirements and needs. 

How to incorporate wellness quotient in a house

How to Incorporate Wellness Quotient In A House?

Home is a place where you relax, rest, and rejuvenate. Here are 5 wellness essentials to help you breathe more easily, eat more healthily and sleep better. 

  • Carve out a time for yourselves

Set up a relaxation zone in the house, a space where you can be free of distractions. It does not have to be large or secluded but a place to unwind and relax. You can meditate, do yoga or just sit comfortably to rejuvenate.

  • Thoughtful design choices for the bedroom

For a better quality of sleep, choose designs of the bedrooms that can improve sleep hygiene. For example, investing in dark-colored curtains eliminates the early morning light or curb light sources that may trickle in during sleep hours. Use high-quality mattresses and pillows and eliminate noise that can disturb your sleep. Use thicker window panes to curb outside noises. 

  • Incorporate natural elements in your space 

Set up a sitting area on the balcony to take a break, read a book, do yoga, or simply bird-watch. Get more low-maintenance indoor plants like aloe and jade plants. Set your workspace near the window to get a good amount of natural light.

  • Declutter your home wherever possible

Organize home and declutter closets and junk drawers. Optimize space by utilizing wasted space in your room, like under beds, desks, doors, or small nooks. Repurpose such types of areas to organize the home in a better way.

  • Optimize the air quality of your home 

You can optimize the home’s air quality by investing in a good air purifier. While cooking, ventilate the room and vacuum from rugs, carpets, air vents, and air ducts. 

Engineers Horizon, formerly known as the Linux group, is developing residential projects with amenities and wellness quotient in accordance with contemporary relevance. They are developing a Bonheur project in Wakad that consists of high-end apartments with a configuration of 1, 2, and 3 BHK. Bonheur features all kinds of modern amenities to enhance lifestyle. In addition, meticulously designed homes feature eco-friendly amenities to upgrade the wellness quotient of the lifestyle. The property is close to the IT hub of Hinjewadi and the upcoming metro station. The property enjoys good access to public transport and civic amenities of Wakad.

If you are looking for 3 BHK flats for sale in Wakad, visit Bonheur in Wakad, which is under construction, and pick your dream home. 

7 Safety Features That A Residential Property Must Have

When we buy a house, we tend to focus on location, layout, floor plans, and architecture, but we often miss out on the property’s safety features. Safety features are important aspects of a residential property. It is important to know the safety aspects of the building where we invest our lives and the safety of our loved ones. Here are 7 safety features you need to check when buying a home.

  • Earthquake resistant

We should verify whether the house we are buying or living in can withstand natural calamities like earthquakes. We should make sure developers have used quality construction materials or not, and whether the buildings can withstand seismic events or not. 

  • Fire safety

A society must have fire safety equipment like smoke detectors, fire hydrants, and fire extinguishers. Each floor of the building must have fire safety equipment installed, and regular fire safety drills should be conducted to keep the residents prepared in case of fire breakouts.

  • Emergency numbers

Emergency numbers in a housing society are a must to dial up during mishaps. In addition, residents must have access to a number of women and child helplines, lift services, fire department, and ambulance services.

  • Lift safety

Lifts in multi-storey buildings should be equipped with emergency devices and alarms to come out of the lift in case of a technical glitch.

  • Kids safety

There should be ample security for kids, and they should be supervised in risk-prone areas like swimming pools, rooftops, and play areas. 

  • Security guards 

A high-rise building must have 4 -tier security services, from CCTV in common areas to security guards at the main entryway. Security guards take note of the visitors and ensure intruders do not access the society. In addition, there should be intercom facilities in each flat to inform the residents about the guest.

  • Visitors book

Apart from installing CCTVs in common areas, all activities should be closely monitored by manually documenting them in visitors’ books. A visitor’s entry and exit time should be noted to keep track of the activities.

Engineers Horizon, a leading developer in Pune, has launched premium residential projects in Tathawade and Wakad, implementing all safety features to safeguard its residents. iOS in Tathawade and Bonheur in Wakad, both the projects are equipped with safety features like DG backup, RCC structure with ACC block internal and external wall with plaster, CCTV in common areas, fire extinguisher equipment, earth leakage circuit breaker, and multi-functional intercom facilities to safeguard the residents. 

If you are looking for a home that offers a good location, amenities, and layouts and ensures the safety of your loved ones, explore 1, 2, and 3 BHK apartments in iOS Tathawade, available for booking.