Favorite home design trends of 2022

Favorite home design trends of 2022

Home design trends in 2022 will have sustainability at their core. Design trends will continue to reinvent and refresh your home for the year ahead, from curved furniture to rustic colors. Here are a few trends that will bring your home with a sensational style.

Bold patterns and colors 

3 inspiring, eye-grabbing, and in-your-face color trends you will see this year Adventurous pastels, rustic, earthy muted tones, and vintage flower power, will continue to bring outdoors in. 

3D Art

As people spend more time in the home, they look to add life to their plain walls. Something popping right out of the wall gives a whimsy touch to the wall, which is simple and lackluster otherwise. 

Mindful spaces 

Home is our refuge where we love to enjoy our moments and small happenings of everyday life. Creating mindful spaces in the home is important to inspire a mood. Bright white airy rooms, neutral palettes, and lots of natural elements bring joy to our everyday lives. Mindful spaces positively impact our well-being and emotions.


Sustainable home design trends are growing due to weather and climate changes. People are inclined to homes built using a holistic energy efficiency approach. Dependency is growing on natural light rather than on artificial light. 

Multifunctional spaces

Multifunctional spaces like combining dining room and kitchen spaces are perfect for modern open-plan floors. Multifunctional spaces not only save spaces but make a room clutter-free and spacious.

Curved furnishings  

The curved furniture trend has made its way back in a big way after a long hiatus. Curved furniture like a curved sofa gives a home an entirely modern and contemporary look. Curved furniture looks best when pulled away from the wall.  

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