How to beautify your windows and balconies?

Windows and balconies are irresistible hangouts for relaxation and entertainment. However, a balcony with dead plants or broken furniture is a tragic sight and can ruin the home’s beauty. On the other hand, a beautifully designed window and neatly designed balcony can make the house look perfect. With the sunlight, some potted plants, and a glimpse of blue sky, only these three elements can transform the look of your home. Here are four window designs to beautify your windows.

1.Evergreen boxed design- A sliding window in a boxed layout can make a window look classy.

2.Invisible window grills- Invisible window grills are built with incredible elasticity and high tension and are apt for unobstructed views.

3.Foggy window design – These are apt for maintaining privacy while protecting the home from harsh sunlight and wind. 

4.Floral designs for window grills – Enhance the beauty of your window with floral grill designs. You can choose themes that suit your style.

Transform your balcony into an enchanting hang-out with these great ideas

1.Spruce up your boring balcony with interlocking deck styles. These can be easily installed by simply snapping the pieces together. 

2.Place plants in the corner or hang plant boxes on the wrought iron fences.

3.You can set a planter wall to create decorative heaven where you can retreat to unwind and relax.

4.Create an urban jungle with seasonal flowers and plants. Cover the railing with flower boxes. Set a tiny accent table and chair overlooking the view of the city. 

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