Buying a home for an individual is an achievement in itself. Buying a home involves many financial and personal benefits -building your equity, no more landlords, and tax benefits. Another benefit of purchasing a home is freedom, security, and peace of mind. A great sense of belonging is created as one gets connected to the city and attached to its people. A gated community in a prime location offers the peace of mind and the privacy you are longing for.

Bonheur in Wakad

Engineers Horizon launched a premium gated community in Wakad that offers an upgraded lifestyle and a relaxing environment for the residents in an idyllic setting. 

The environment in Bonheur is safe and secure

Bonheur is provided with four -layered safety features that ensure safety for its residents. From CCTV to video door phone with display for each flat, each corner of the premise is under 24/7 surveillance.

Emergency Response System in Bonheur

Maintenance staff for concierge services is trained, and an emergency management plan is in place to address in case of any emergency. Towers in Bonheur are planned in such a way as to give minimum evacuation time in case of fire or any other emergencies. 

Amenities in Bonheur

This premium gated community in Wakad features landscaped outdoors, a swimming pool, and a gymnasium for the residents who prioritize their health in their modern lifestyle. In addition, landscaped outdoors and plantation walls and green herb gardens minimize the dust in the air and enhance the visual aesthetics of the building. 


Another benefit of living in Bonheur is privacy. Each home is meticulously designed to give you privacy from your neighbors. As a result, owners don’t have to worry about neighbors seeing what goes on inside the house. 

The location advantage of Bonheur

Bonheur is near Bhumkar Chowk and is well-connected to the Hinjewadi IT hub. This premium gated community is also close to the reputed schools of Wakad, the proposed metro station, malls, and shopping arcades. Bonheur’s neighborhood is popular not only for its present amenities but also for upcoming projects. Plans for the civic infrastructure and public transportation have dramatically improved the property values in this locality. If you are searching for homes near Hinjewadi, check out Bonheur by Engineers Horizon. Bonheur location is apt for homebuyers looking for a home near Hinjewadi. For more details about the project, check out Bonheur, Wakad brochure available on the website


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