Amazing Small Balcony Garden Design Inspiration

Amazing  small balcony garden design inspiration

Are you thinking of growing an urban vegetable garden on a balcony? The entire process of growing a garden can be adventurous and fun at the same time. But, ensure your plants get sufficient sunlight, water, and love. Eager to know how? Here are some stunning ideas that will help you to get started.


Plants you can grow on the balcony

You can grow any plant if you have the space and sunlight. However, if you live in a place experiencing cold winters, consider plants that can be overwintered indoors. You can grow small trees like citrus trees, container-friendly annuals, perennials, tropical house plants, and flowering vines. 


For small balcony garden ideas 

Rail balcony garden bed for seasonal blooms

Use rail planters to fix them on rails or use metal hooks to hang them. Ornamental plants or seasonal blooms add a touch of color without crowding the balcony.

Free-standing containers 

Bring nature close to your lifestyle with free-standing planters of various shapes and sizes.

Vertical garden

Make use of the balcony’s walls to turn it into a private retreat with climbing plants and other greenery.

Terracotta balcony herb garden

Clay planters look attractive and prevent overwatering as they are porous. These are the perfect containers for your balcony if you are growing herbs.

Metal staircase planters 

A multi-level metal stand is suitable for a balcony herb garden. These are durable and comes in various size. 

Containers that are best for balcony gardens

Fabric grows bags in lightweight containers for more convenient portability. 

Plastic and fiber glass plant containers come in various styles and sizes.

Tiered planters for a space-saving solution

Tiered planters for herbs and trailing vegetables are good space -saving alternatives for small balconies.

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