Published By Admin on 19-11-2021

In the past few years, the real estate industry witnessed stiff competition due to the emergence of new technologies. To deliver better services and better reach to their customers, Real estate builders like Tulip group in Punawale are transforming their business strategies. The group has launched 3 BHK projects in Wakad offering homes equipped with best-in-class amenities. Creating profiles on Real estate listing websites and marketplaces alone is not enough

Millennials prefer realtors who have their websites as they search online for their real estate requirements. In this digital world, they prefer builders and developers to have an online presence. A website makes a realtor more credible in the market. Moreover, a credible website cuts down marketing costs and can provide better customer service. However, keeping a website is not enough. It is needed to be updated regularly with a detailed description of the services.

Property description

Apart from viewing listings on the website, a potential buyer wants to know everything. From nearby schools, hospitals, grocery stores to traffic patterns, they do research. Detailed description, proves your value before you even get a chance to work with them. A detailed description includes an effective headline that targets the right audience. Vague headlines with a lot of false positives push away potential buyers. Buyers prefer property descriptions that are narrative and focus on the emotions that the property and its amenities evoke

Map information

Potential buyers in India search for “convenience” features like walking to the workplace, or proximity to basic amenities like schools, hospitals, and nearby grocery stores. For some, public transport defines convenience. Keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the customers, technically tweaked  customized Google  maps, make the website more relevant as it contains extra pins and information on the surroundings

Quality images 

High-quality images engage viewers on the website and get them to spend more time on the website. High-quality images improve conversion rates and reduce bounce rates. It allows you to communicate with customers improving customer-business relationships thereby conversions. A buyer recognizes you with clear logos and other images used on the website.


Apart from all these features, a buyer wants correct contact information and working email forms. Working emails ensure no missed leads. Apart from email forms, phone numbers should be there and they should be placed on the top right corner of the website. Also, updated testimonials of the clients give a website a better look. SEO and the content on the website also matter as these benefit your online real estate dealings.