Digitization has transformed the core of many industries, including the Real estate industry. Along with other industries Real estate industry too has adopted digital technology for its operational activities. They took the digital leap to make a convenient home buying process during the pandemic. They have moved from conventional methods to digital tools for the smooth operation of buying and selling properties and other conveniences. Although customers would always prefer to decide after visiting the site, the preliminary research about the property can be done in the comfort of the home itself. Basic information about the property can be collected by visiting the website of the project that not only saves time but also can decide whether to move ahead with their decision or not. 

Let’s take a look at how digitization has streamlined real estate operations.

Buy and search 

To begin with, consumers prefer to pre-research online about the product before buying. The same thing happens when purchasing a home. They visit the website of the project first to ensure their requirements match with the offerings or not. Then, they check on the reviews about the project and also value the testimonials.

Digital documentation

Documentation processes have become a lot easier, and one has not to wait for long for a rental or purchase agreement. In addition, there are no more human errors due to the application of automated software and tool providing buying or lease agreements. 

Augmented reality and virtual reality

With the advent of augmented reality, a potential buyer can tour the property without visiting the site and inspect it in detail. Availability of virtual 360-degree tours can be taken any time of the day from anywhere to experience the final product. AI-powered digitization helps filter the target audience by analyzing data.AI algorithm helps to find data relating to real estate market trends and improve business areas. 

Chatbots and Social Media

Chatbots respond to customer queries and render services 24/7 by answering their questions. After visiting the website, a customer can leave a message or talk directly to customer support services anytime and from anywhere. Also, the property gets broad exposure via social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. The customer base amplifies with this mass exposure. 

Genuine information 

Digitization enabled homebuyers to visit websites of the properties they prefer and get access to information they are searching for and no more waiting for the salesperson to respond. In addition, they can get updates about construction stages, Google reviews, information on RERA number, floor plans, amenities r and general questions in the FAQ section. 


Although start-ups have driven digitization in real estate, big players followed suit due to its multiple benefits. A potential homebuyer can search for real estate online, visit the property virtually, and manage the documentation process digitally by sitting far away from the site. For example, if you are looking for 3 bhk flats in Tathawade, visit iOS in Tathawade, developed by Engineers Horizon. And you know you can do this by visiting their website right now.