Finding a perfect home can be challenging and finding a home that fits your style is a little bit more challenging. There might be a few things you don’t like. However, with a bit of planning and some legwork, you can transform it into the perfect one.

Brightening up living space is a common challenge

If you are not into knocking down walls or adding windows then opt for fresh painting or layering in accessories to lighten up your living space. Here are foolproof tricks to brighten up your living spaces.

Vibrant artworks do the trick

Brighten up your living space with vibrant artwork. Lightly-toned wall art or 3 pieces out of either a wall mirror not only brightens the space but also sets the mood.

1.White in every décor guide

The touch of fresh paints in white instantly brightens up the darkroom while reflecting other surfaces. If you are having apprehension with all white then paint one side with a refreshing color for the textured look.

2.Drapes in details

Choose blackout curtains or drapes in a pastel shade for window detail. You can try translucent shades to spread the sunshine throughout the room.

3.Low-to-ground Furniture

Empty spaces are enough to brighten the room but you can add minimalist furniture that lies low to the ground playing well with lighting. 

4.Illuminate walls or ceilings

Add a warm glow in every corner of the room with a wall sconce or torchiere floor lamp. You can make the room cozier by casting light down the walls.

5.Oft-ignored tip 

Deep-cleaned windows must add freshness to your homes. Stained windows make the room dirty and reduce visibility. Your space should often burst with natural lights. Well-lit rooms not only make the room bigger but also create a dynamic ambiance. Deep-cleaned windows enable natural light in your home.

6.Well-ventilated homes of Bonheur in Wakad 

A well-ventilated home bestows a sense of well-being apart from easing the mood. You get the positive vibe in well-lit and well-ventilated homes. If you are looking for aesthetic 1 or 2BHK homes in Wakad, Bonheur homes by Engineers Horizon would be the right one for you. Well-ventilated and airy1, 2 BHKs at Bonheur in Wakad not only improving energy efficiency but also maintaining indoor air quality. Brighter and spacious rooms in Bonheur homes, blessed with natural light make you feel happier, more alive, and vibrant

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